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Private Coaching

Robert is a working actor and acting coach with over 20 yrs of experience and more than 60 credits on IMDB. He offers private coaching in Sunnyside, Queens with a focus on helping actors settle into who they are. Audition coaching & taping. Face Time & Skype & Zoom available.

Direct Contact:
(347) 556-9379

Link to Robert's Radio Interview


"Robert is an insightful and skillful coach. He finds the essence of the scene through script analysis and then helps me connect authentically with the material. I feel extremely fortunate to include Robert on my team of coaches I trust when I have an important audition."
-Renata Hinrichs

 "For 6 years now I have been working with Bob and I have had the most amazing experience and have improved immensely in my work. Bob works in such a personalized way, where he will see exactly what you need to work on and between his coaching and your work, together you will reach the point you need to be at. He is incredibly down to earth and truly cares about helping actors become stronger in their craft. The working environment is super comfortable as the two of you are a team, each working towards the same goal of improving your work as an actor. Every session I am learning more and more, and through this process I have become so much more knowledgeable and confident in my work due to everything we have worked on together. I would one hundred percent recommend Bob to any actor who is really looking for personalized coaching and wants to improve immensely in their work. You won’t regret it, he is awesome!!"
- Kylie Cast

" Working with Bob has changed my entire approach to auditions and my responses are much better than they’ve ever been honestly. Bob is an extremely caring coach who cares deeply about the craft and has a great reputation in this business. I trust that anything I bring to him he will take it to greater level of understanding enhancing my chances of succeeding."
-Christina L Williams

 "I have been working with Bob for the past year and he has helped me bring my acting to a whole new level. I have never felt this comfortable working with someone before. He creates such an easy atmosphere to learn, not only about the craft but as well as yourself as a person. The lessons Bob has taught me in my acting carry over into my day to day. Highly recommend a visit."
- Rayvin Disla

"Bob is such a thoughtful and committed coach. I've only worked with him for a few auditions so far, but have had major breakthroughs - and have booked work! He gets to understand you as a person before he works with you as an actor, because he thoroughly understands how it's all connected. Bob finds nuances to connect and ground you into your character. Working with him has really elevated my passion as an actor, and I am now very excited to work on new material and revive older monologues."
- Malinda Logan

"I cannot recommend Bob enough. I have trained in a reputable professional conservatory, and the few months I've worked with Bob have been more beneficial to my work than the 2 years I spent in school. My first coaching session with Bob not only changed my acting, but it also launched a personal growth process that hasn't stopped since. Bob gently pointed out how I was pushing in my acting (because let's be honest we all want this so badly) and that I didn't need to do that. Being myself is more than enough. Those words have truly changed my life. I now no longer approach material from worrying about what's right or wrong, but simply how do I bring myself to the work. I also have quieted the anxiousness and reaching in my career development, and now feel self assured in what I can bring to the table. Bob also genuinely just wants his students to do well, and he takes such care and attention to make sure we are performing at our best while feeling our best. I truly and wholeheartedly recommend Bob for any actor who wants not just a great coach, but a friend in your corner."
- Amanda Shi

I am proud to say that Robert Kirk is my acting coach and is a talented actor. He is passionate in what he does and cares a lot about your success! He goes an extra mile to help you succeed and prepare for your career. He is also very experienced in the industry where he provides great stories and tips.
- Alison M.

"Robert goes above and beyond as an acting coach in that he values empowering the actor in his or her own authenticity and sense of self equally, if not more so, than just "saying the line right". Every coaching session I have had with Bob ends up being so much more than your average working of the material or character; he offers holistic advice to encourage an artist's empowerment (which can be the thing most needed in this tough industry!) so that the artist can trust his/her own instincts and unique voice. After working through material with Bob, I always leave feeling incredibly grounded, inspired, reinvigorated in my purpose, and just loving myself. He values the present actor, the connected actor, and having fun---and he will get you there! A great guy all around, could not recommend him enough."
- Julio L.

"Bob is great. He is a talented actor and a great coach and really cares about his students and wants them to succeed. It's about more than money to him and you feel that as soon as you start working with him. I would definitely recommend you give him a try. His adjustments are straightforward and easy to understand and he has advice and ideas to offer well beyond the scope of a single scene or audition."
- Charles Manning

"I am incredibly grateful to know and work with Bob.. His attention to detail balanced with supporting the natural flow of which is the human experience brings me confidence that I am in good hands and ease to trust the process itself. Being brand new to the process of auditioning was overwhelming for me, bringing up buried fears I had deeply tucked away. Bob's support, incredible insight and helpful honesty provides a nurturing space in which I can allow myself to move forward from fear."
- Veronica Paige

"Bob is an excellent coach. I appreciate his patience dedication and insight. He knows how to motivate actors to push their limits and grow. One of the most important things I have learned is how to dissect a script and really get into the subtext, who I am, my relationships, time, place, not just on the surface but really dig deep - all things that helped me in a play I was in recently where I was told audience members were tearing up. In other words, we were able to draw them into our world and feel what we were feeling. Thanks, Bob!"
- George Libbares

"Robert is not only an excellent coach, he is also a great motivator. I have been using him for several years, and he always steers me in the right direction. I would highly recommend him for anyone who wants to learn how to act, as well as someone who just wants to  brush up or prepare for an audition."
- Larry Samuels

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